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15 noviembre, 2012 por mobilearninguab

There are countless examples of pioneering programs in the field of mobile learning. A good example would be “Blackboard” , one of the leading technology sellers to the ICT sector for education. “Blackboard” was launched a few years ago to create its own mobile learning strategy to support academic institutions needs, by proposing a product called Mobile Learn which is already adapted for iPad, iPhone, Blackberry and Android.

The so-called Blackboard Mobile Learn extends the social learning experience to mobility contexts of its product “for computers”. Since some years ago, it also incorporates a virtual communication system as well as working with wikis, forums, blogs, diaries… and it’s now moving all this to the new learning contexts.

The result in devices with more possibilities such as iPad is amazing because it allows us to interact much more thanks to “multi-touch” system, with all the functionality of the virtual campus.


Everything is designed so that not only students can enjoy learning new contexts but also trainers can. Teachers can access to all features directly from the iPad: for example, they can create course materials, review the student’s homework, assign grades, distribute tasks to working groups and also create forums and blogs. And they can do everything from a tablet – no computer required!

The main achievement of this product is that is actually a full extension of Blackboard Learn. This means that we can start writing a message in the forum while seated in front of a computer and then finish it on the iPad or Smartphone when traveling to the University, for example. These are two parts of the same learning environment – quite useful in the current distance learning.



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